lundi 2 septembre 2013

Terre d'espoir (Land of Hope)

Juste avant de replonger dans la fameuse "rentrée", laissons nos yeux rêver devant ces belles images...
Un petit bol d'air, de chlorophylle, d'eau.
Respirez à pleins poumons...
Plongez !

Sculptures from the 2013 Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal competition of horticulture art.
This year's theme is Land of Hope, which is made up of 6 components : the interdependence of man and nature, positive actions for the environment, endangered or at-risk species or ecosystems, nature in the city, the beauty and fragility of life on earth and peace as the key to planetary survival.
source : Positivemotivation on tumblr

Rain or shine, macro photographer Vadim Trunov captures the surprisingly adventurous lives of snails.

Macro (2012) by Sharon Johnstone

Source : The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

Liquid Sculptures by Pierre Carreau

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