samedi 11 janvier 2014

Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida

Bienvenu dans le mini-monde des Minimiam !
( Welcome in the mini-world of the Mini-yummy ! )

Je vous propose une minuscule visite au dans les créations de Pierre Javelle et Akiko Ida...
Je m'explique : Venez plonger dans la boite Bento la plus proche afin de découvrir la vie très intense de ses habitants. 
Si cela n'est toujours pas très clair, après avoir vu les photos suivantes, vous comprendrez mieux.
( Si, si, je vous l'assure. )

Bento - 1
Bento - 2

Against a tasty backdrop of pastries, fruit, and vegetables, photographers Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have created a series of humorous dioramas that depict miniature people going about their daily lives in an edible world.

Avocat - 2
Avocat - 1

Titled MINIMIAM, a play on words that marries miniature and "yummy" (miam in french), the project has been ongoing since 2002 and was inspired by the married couple's profession as commercial food photographers.

Cacahuètes - 1
Cacahuètes - 2

"We're both food photographer in our daily work, and we're both quite crazy about cooking, eating and everything about food," says Ida. "So when we started this small people series, naturally we created the stories related to the food."

Lolita - 1
Lolita - 2
Mont Ventoux - 1
Mont Ventoux - 2

The figures acquired for each photograph are taken from train model sets which are generally 1/87 scale, the perfect size for exploring lands of donuts or a frothy mix of meringue turned into a winter sledding adventure.

Papy-luge - 1
Papy-luge - 2
Raisin - 1
Raisins - 2

The body of work has now grown to include some 60 sets of diptychs, and the pair is also creating large scale installations that more directly connect the model train world with sprawling food dioramas.

Tribute to Ridley

You can see much more of their work over at MINIMIAM, or view it up close at the International Agriculture Show in Paris in February.
(source :

Sweet green - 1
Sweet green  - 2

Voici les dates du prochain Salon de l'Agriculture : du 22 février au 2 mars 2014
Pour ceux qui désirent une immersion immédiate dans les donuts et les meringues : Cliquez ici !

Sweet storm
Piment rouge - 1
Piment rouge - 2
Encounters of the pistachio

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